Number of Army’s Active Duty Soldiers Reduced to Lowest Since 1940’s –

The U.S. Army has reduced it’s number of troops to about 479,172 as of March, which is 154 fewer than the previous post-World War II low. A report states that the force has been reduced by 16,500 over the past year. The Army has made it a goal to reduce the number of active-duty troops to 460,000 by Sept. 30, 2016.

Veterans Groups Opposing Expansion of Choice Program –

Some of the nation’s largest veteran organizations, including the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, are opposing expansion of the frequently criticized Veterans Choice Program. The proposed expansion would allow all veterans to have access to the program. These organizations claim that allowing veterans to receive private care at almost any time “would have serious costs, trade-offs and consequences that could endanger or harm the provision of health care to veterans.”
Source: Military Times

2016 Invictus Games Kick off in Orlando –

The 2016 Invictus Games have officially begun as of Sunday May 8th in Orlando, Florida and will end Thursday, May 12th. The Invictus Games were created by Prince Harry for wounded veterans to participate in Paralympic-style sports and competitions. Over 500 competitors from 15 countries will play 14 different sports. This annual event provides an opportunity for veterans to regain a sense of solidarity and teamwork as well as recover through the power of sport. Visit for further information.
Source: Military Times

Reports of Air Flow Issues in F/A-18F Super Hornets Increasing –

There has been a rise in breathing and pressurization problems with the F/A-18F Super Hornet fleet. Some Naval pilots have experienced hypoxia, or lack of oxygen, due to issues in the aircraft. Since 2009, the number of these oxygen-loss cases have increased by eight times. The Navy has been working to figure out what is causing the issues and how to implement changes, but some pilots are still concerned.
Source: Military Times