Spinal Cord Injury & Paralysis Cases

Have you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury?

Causes might include:

  • cauda equina syndrome
  • spinal cord injury during surgery
  • result of a motor vehicle accident


You may be facing a lifetime of pain and disability.

We are experienced in handling cases involving spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

Contact us right away to discuss whether you have a claim for spinal cord injury or paralysis.

Achieved Three of the Largest Judgments – and Three of the Largest Settlements – in the 65+ year history of the FTCA

Below are just a few examples of our success

$13,690,648 Judgement Awarded at Trial
One of the Largest FTCA Verdicts and Settlements in History
Brown v. United States
$12,500,000 settlement
$9,183,752 Received by Clients
Attorneys’ fees of $3,125,000 and litigation expenses of $191,248
Navy — Tennessee