The lawyers at the Archuleta Law Firm have a long history of helping families of Air Force personnel who have suffered from malpractice and negligence.

The Archuleta Law Firm has won, on behalf of our clients, numerous cases under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) in all 50 states. Our lawyers maintain a large caseload of Air Force medical malpractice cases.

Air Force Medical Malpractice

Achieved Three of the Largest Judgments—and Three of the Largest Settlements—in the 70+ year history of the FTCA

Below are just a few examples of our success

Birth Injury & Cerebral Palsy Cases

$44,717,681 Judgement Awarded at Trial

One of the Largest FTCA Verdicts in History
Dickerson v. United States
$20,000,000 awarded on appeal
$15,752,732 received by clients
Attorneys’ fees of $5,311,982 and litigation expenses of $232,364
Air Force — Texas

Video Transcript
There are many pitfalls under the Federal Tort Claims Act. One of the most common things that we do see at this firm is when clients file their own claim forms and they’ve done it improperly or they haven’t done it in a thorough enough manner. That causes problems and can even ruin a case.

As a matter of fact, we even see attorneys that have handled Federal Tort Claims Act claims improperly. It’s not uncommon, and it’s important that you have your case evaluated by someone who knows what they’re doing under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Dr. Michael Archuleta