Veteran Testimonials

These are just a few testimonials from our valued clients

The Archuleta & Associates Law Firm fought for my rights

I am a Disabled Iraq War Veteran and a retired U.S. Marine. I have gone through the normal Veterans Administration challenges throughout my post-service life. Sometimes the pain and frustration can become a nightmare.

I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back for 9 months while waiting on the V.A. to complete a procedure. This delay in care caused long term damage and will directly affect my way of life for an unknown amount of time.

I was completely disappointed in the level of care that the V.A. provided, and this time I finally did something about it. I called the Archuleta & Associates Law Firm and gave them my information.

After a short review period, I received a call from one of their advisers. They quickly went over my options of how to deal with the situation. It took a shorter time to reach a settlement for damages with the V.A. than it did to receive the care I needed.

Dr. Archuleta and Marion Karvas were there for me throughout the entire process and there were no surprises. They helped me find the right resolution for my family and I to start our new lives on a great note. The Archuleta & Associates Law Firm treated me with the utmost respect and fought for my right for a normal post-service life.

We fought for them, now let them fight for you!

Allen L Wortham Jr., MBA.
Sergeant USMC (RET)

Allen L Wortham Jr., MBA.

You produced the results I had hoped for

I want to express my thanks to the Archuleta Law Firm for a thorough and speedy result to my Federal Tort Claim. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your staff.

You produced the results I had hoped for. I received my settlement while I can still use it.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Michael D. Pool