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Military/Veteran News Headlines – October 24th, 2016

Renowned Ship that Saved 7 During ‘Perfect Storm’ To Become Underwater Memorial –

The Tamaroa, formerly known as the USS Zuni, survived many harrowing experiences in war and rescue missions dating back to World War II. Unfortunately, the boat developed a leak four years ago resulting in damage to many important parts of the vessel. Due to the significant damage, the ship will now be sunk off the coast of New Jersey to help expand an artificial reef. Coast Guard Capt. Larry Brudnicki, the man who commanded Tamaroa during the 1991 “Perfect Storm”, stated this is a better fate than turning the previously resilient ship to scrap metal. The ship will provide new diving and fishing territory and serve as an underwater memorial.
Source: Military Times

Veteran-Owned Lox Hair Wax Co. Creates All-Natural Product –

Veteran owned and operated Lox Hair Wax Co. has created a beard/hair wax made of natural ingredients and locally sourced beeswax. The company takes pride in their product, which is hand-crafted, and focuses marketing towards first responders “who may have a tough mentality, but still want to look good.” Many similar products contain alcohol and chemicals that can damage hair, but the “Battle Wax” acts as a leave-in conditioner and moisturizes while you style. The demand for their Battle Wax has been increasing and is currently featured at several barber shops. The company hopes to release new beard oils and pomades by the end of the year. For further information on Lox Hair Wax Co. and where to order, please visit loxpomade.com
Source: Military Times

VA OIG Examining Allegations of Unofficial Wait Lists at Colorado Springs VA –

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Cory Gardner of Colorado requested an inquiry from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) following a whistle-blower’s allegation of unofficial wait lists at the Colorado Springs VA Clinic. The Veteran Affair’s internal watchdog announced an audit in a letter to the senators. Secret lists have been an unfortunate trend across the country in many VA facilities and hide the lengthy delays in veterans care, like in Phoenix where 40 veterans died while waiting for appointments. An investigation into the Colorado Springs VA Clinic has not yet been initiated, but one could develop based on the findings of the audit.
Source: Military Times