Friday April 1, 2016 –

1.) Pentagon Evacuating Military Families from Turkey –

The Pentagon has ordered hundreds of military families and other U.S. civilians stationed at the Incirlik Air Base following an increase in violence within Turkey. This base has grown prominent in battling the Islamic State, which has sparked new security concerns. The decision to remove families was not based on a specific threat. State Department spokesman, John Kirby, stated, “this was a decision made out of an abundance of caution to keep people as safe as possible.”
Source: Military Times

2.) Mobile Dental Clinic Provides Free Care to Veterans –

Aspen dental, a nationwide network of locally owned and operated dental practices, and Got Your 6, a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans, have come together to bring dental care to veterans. The Healthy Mouth Movement includes a “MouthMobile” that will stop at over 30 cities across the United States over the next several months. This program will provide services to veterans ranging from routine cleanings to sets of dentures. For a list of upcoming MouthMobile stops and further information, please visit

3.) North Korea Fires Missile in Attempt to Jam South Korea GPS Signals –

Tension has increased again since North Korea recently fired a missile in hopes of jamming GPS (Global Positioning System) signals in South Korea. The attempt did not cause any major disruptions, but there were reports of multiple fishing boats being affected. North Korea has launched a myriad of projectiles since the start of the annual South Korea-U.S. drills this past month.