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Thoughts From Our Clients

1 month ago

When I tragically lost my father I had no idea who to turn to for help. I knew I would need a lawyer that specializes in VA Medical case. We found Archuleta Law Firm by searching online. I am very grateful for the help I received from Michael, Marion, & this law firm. Anytime I had an issue or question they were available to help in a very diligent timely manner & with a level of professionalism that exceeds all others. If you should ever find yourself in such a horrific situation and need an attorney, I highly recommend Archuleta Law Firm!

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2 months ago

Thank God for Archuleta Law Firm! They took on my case when nobody in my area would. Firms in my area kept telling me that I had a case, but they weren't willing to take it on. Archuleta, however, was willing to take my case, and if they hadn't then the window for my claim would have expired! It was a pleasure working with Michael. The firm was responsive and I was kept updated every step of the way -- all during COVID, to boot! I really cannot thank them enough! They improved my and my family's lives more than I had ever hoped. All the best, James Monacella (Pennsylvania)

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1 month ago

Didn't think I would win my case but this firm did what others couldn't or wouldn't!! Got my owed money in less time than expected. I would definitely recommend the archullta law firm for you claims!!

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Archuleta Law Firm has represented victims of VA medical malpractice at facilities all around the world.

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Archuleta Law Firm and Dr. Michael Archuleta are viewed by many as an authority on VA medical malpractice.

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We understand that you might have many questions regarding VA medical malpractice.

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It costs no more for a client to come to the Archuleta Law Firm than it does to a law firm that has no experience in Federal Tort Claims. Our law office is skilled at communicating with clients, whether it be on the computer, by telephone, or in person. We welcome clients from all over the world.

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