Report: Phoenix VA Allowed Multiple Suicidal Veterans to Leave –

According to a recent report from a federal watchdog agency, the Phoenix VA hospital did not provide proper care for some suicidal patients. Two Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center counselers sent in letters to the White House and Congress. Investigators confirmed the allegations that the ER lacked mental health professionals and safeguards to prevent suicidal patients from leaving the facility. It is reported that at least 10 high-risk patients were able to leave between late 2014 and early 2015.
Source: Military Times

Navy Program To Place Military Medical Clinics in Commissaries –

The Navy is currently in the planning phase for trying out medical clinics in military commissaries in the Jacksonville, Florida area. The clinics will be run by Navy Corpsman, who will also gain clinical experience. The types of care that will be offered has yet to be released. Clinics in grocery stores, like Walmart, have been up and coming within the civilian world, and advocates are glad to see the concept transfer over to the military. It could make health care more accesible and part of a day-to-day routine for military families.
Source: Military Times

NHS England to Pay for 10 Bionic Eyes for Blind Patients –

England’s National Health Service has set to cover treatment for bionic eyes in 10 blind patients. The Argus II Bionic Eye contains a retinal implant that detects images from miniature video camera worn on a pair of glasses. Prof. Paulo Stanga from Manchester Royal Eye Hospital stated, “it surpassed all of our expectations when we realized that one of the retinitis pigmentosa patients using the bionic eye could identify large letters for the first time in his adult life.” The condition is often passed down genetically and destroys light-sensing cells in the retina, causing vision loss and ultimately blindness. Dr. Jonathan Fielden from NHS England claims, “this highly innovative NHS-funded procedure shows real promise and could change lives.”
Source: BBC