NASA Displays Part of Apollo 1 Spacecraft 50 Years After Tragedy –

On January 27, 1967, astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee lost their lives in a fire during a rehearsal for the launch of Apollo 1 when the capsule’s hatch was unable to open. Investigators found that the cause of the fire was most likely due to defective wiring. Since then, a quick-release hatch was placed on the redesigned capsule. Other changes were made which included fire-proofing the entire cockpit.
50 years later, NASA has decided to dedicate a new exhibit to Apollo 1 which will include the hatch from the fated capsule. Gus’s older son, Scott Grissom, stated, “This is way, way, way long overdue. But we’re excited about it.” He believes NASA was embarrassed about the accident and that is, “why they pretty much kept it in the closet as long as they have.”
Chaffee’s widow, Martha, said, “I’m just so pleased that they finally decided to do something — visibly — to honor the three guys […] It’s time that they show the three who died in the fire appreciation for the work that they did.”
A Day of Remembrance was held on January 26th, 2017 for the crews of Apollo 1, Columbia, and Challenger. The display honoring the fallen astronauts of Apollo 1 was revealed this week at the Kennedy Space Center.
Source: Military Times

Marine Veteran Creates One of the World’s Strongest Body Armors –

RMA Armament, a company established by Marine vet Blake Waldrop, has developed armor that can “withstand six rounds of armor-piercing rifle ammunition,” which has yet to be matched by competitors. Waldrop frequently tests the quality of the armor by taking them to the shooting range himself. RMA sells armor to various police forces in the United States and hopes to expand to the military. According to Waldrop, the demand for body armor in law enforcement levels other than forces like SWAT has increased due to the multiple high-profile shootings involving police officers.
RMA has also filed to patent their unique product. Waldrop said, “I always tell people I didn’t invent armor any more than Steve Jobs invented the computer […] I just found a better way to do it, just like he did.”
Source: Military Times

IVF Treatments Will Be Available to Veterans Spring 2017 –

According to new information released last week, the Department of Veterans Affairs will offer in vitro fertilization services to veterans in March 2017. Congress only recently eliminated the prohibition on the procedure for vets and their spouses following lobbying from advocates. The VA states that IVF will be offered “when clinically appropriate to a veteran who has a service-connected disability that results in the inability of the veteran to procreate without the use of fertility treatment, as well as a spouse of such veteran.”
Source: Military Times