Home Depot Employees Help Veteran Rebuild Home –

After the home of a Marine Corps veteran, Ace Beam, burnt down in North Carolina in 2015, dozens of volunteers from Home Depot are helping rebuild the property. Initially, the veteran was unable to afford to rebuild it, so the city ordered to have it torn down. Home Depot employees learned of Beam’s situation through a veterans organization and brought together helping hands to assist in rebuilding his house. The home belonged to his parents for 20 years and holds many memories. Volunteers are hoping Beam can move back in by the end of November 2016. Beam stated, “This is mine, this is my place, my home. So if you ask me what it means now, it means more now to me than it ever did.”
Source: Austin American-Statesman

Military Times Declares November ‘Veterans Month’ –

The news site Military Times has decided to extend the honor of Veterans Day to an entire month-long affair. The website will be sharing exclusive stories, videos, and commentaries dedicated to all veterans of the United States military, which can be followed through the hashtag #VetsMonth. Some of the coverage will include stories on finishing the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall, lists of best colleges for vets, as well as places where vets can find military discounts on things like haircuts, food, and more. For more information, please visit:
Military Times

Military and Veteran Job Fairs Across America –

Now through January 2017, there will be at least 70 job fairs across the country available for service members, veterans, and military spouses to attend. Military Times has published a detailed list of these job fairs that is available through their website. Please note that some of these job fairs may require registration ahead of time.