Texas Lottery Contributes Funds to State Education and Texas Veterans Commission –

The Texas Lottery has been committed to donating funds to good causes since 1992, including public education and supporting local veterans. $19 billion has been contributed to the Foundation School Fund since 1997.
Since 2009, the Texas Lottery has had multiple scratch-off games that benefit the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance (FVA). Over $68 million has been contributed for veterans programs since that time. The FVA does not grant funds directly to veterans, but makes grants available to local government agencies, charitable organizations, and programs that provide direct assistance to veterans and their families. According to the Texas Lottery, over 90 percent of the revenue for the fund comes from their sales of the veterans’ games.
For more information on the Texas Veterans Commission and grant resources, please visit: www.tvc.state.tx.us
Source: Texas Lottery

Parasite Linked to Bile Duct Cancers in Some Vietnam-Era Veterans –

Liver flukes, the name of the parasites that can be found in raw or poorly cooked river fish, have been linked to multiple diagnoses of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) in Vietnam veterans. In addition to the parasite, other risk factors of cholangiocarcinoma include Hepatitis C & B, cirrhosis, and bile duct stones. Symptoms are often not obvious until later stages of the rare cancer. It is estimated that 25 million people globally are infected with liver flukes, which are found primarily in Southeast Asia, South Korea, and China.
One veteran diagnosed, Michael Baughman, 64, stated, “I dodged all those bullets, then get killed by a fish.” He recalled his time in the service creating the makeshift, often under-cooked, fish dinners, which would be prepared over a small, blue, smokeless flame. Baughman’s private physician wrote to the VA about the link between the parasite and the cancer, but the VA was not completely convinced. Some veteran benefits claims linking bile duct cancer to the parasite have been approved, but others denied. The VA claims that it is up to the veteran to prove the connection, and since the cancer is too rare, it would be unrealistic to carry out regular screenings.
Source: Chicago Tribune

Hot Sauce Business Donates Profits to Savannah Veterans in Need –

Owners of Savannah Sauce Co., Tracey Richburg and Mike Roberson, decided to dedicate profits from two of their sauces to help veterans that are homeless, have PTSD, or traumatic brain injuries. Richburg, who is an Army veteran, said, “If you have a service member who doesn’t have a place to call home, something is fundamentally wrong.” The sauces, including bacon ketchup and raspberry chipotle sauce, are sold at several Whole Foods Markets across the southeast. Their cookbook, “Tiny Homes for Big Heroes Project Cookbook”, is full of creative recipes and is anticipated to go on sale January 2017 to raise money for veterans in need of a home. They are aiming to benefit a site of “tiny homes” that is approved for the city’s east side, with some homes reserved for veterans.
Source: Military Times, Savannah Sauce Company