Arlington National Cemetery Updates Visitor Guidelines –

The Arlington National Cemetery has issued new rules for visitors as of October 26th. Pets will no longer be allowed on the grounds unless they are an approved service animal or military working dog. Also, bicycles are banned due to safety concerns. Some bicyclists may be exempt, and can acquire a pass from the cemetery’s welcome center. Security procedures have also been stepped-up to prepare for Veterans Day. Visitors will be screened and pedestrian entrance into the grounds will be limited to four access points. Visitors who do not have a bag or those with disabilities can enter through the express screening line.
Source: “5 Things Every Sailor Should Know About – New Rules at Arlington Cemetery” Navy Times 14 Nov. 2016: 12. Print

Boulder Crest Retreat Offers PTSD Therapy to Veterans –

In 2013, the nonprofit organization Boulder Crest Retreat opened its doors to military members and their families as a way to recover from stress and help with PTSD. The rural retreat is located on 37 acres nearby the Blue Ridge Mountains. The first mission, Family Rest and Reconnection Retreat allows military personnel and their families stay free of charge from 2 to 7 days in one of their cabins, which are handicap accessible. Activities available include fishing, music, art, archery, gardening, and cooking.

Progressive Alternative Training for Healing Heroes (PATHH), is the second mission which is a 7 day program for military members dealing with life after deployment. The professional staff’s goal is to help veterans transition into civilian life. Retired Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Falke, the creator of BCR, stated, “Traditionally, when someone is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, they receive medication and a referral to a therapist.” He also noted that often times many veterans do not attend their first therapy session, or even the second session. After BCR, it was found through follow-ups that there was a 500 percent improvement. One veteran, Paul Downs, attended the PATHH program and described his experience, “the PATHH program took me from a bad place and put me into a better one. It’s not magical or forced, but the participant makes the choice to chose a better life for himself.”
For more information on the Boulder Creek Retreat, please visit their website at:
Source: The Costco Connection

Report: Veterans Less Likely to Complain of Illness Despite Facing Serious Health Conditions

According to the America’s Health Rankings Health of Those Who Have Served Report, veterans are more likely to report that they are in overall good health compared to civilians despite the fact that they may face more serious health conditions. Compared to civilians, veterans face a higher rate of serious illnesses such as coronary heart disease, heart attack, and cancer, with differences in the rates increasing with age. Almost half of the people that served aged 80+ have been diagnosed with cancer, compared to one third of civilians.
The United Health Foundation in conjunction with the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) worked with leading military, veterans, and public health organizations to create this report to better understand the similarities and differences between veterans and people who have not served in the military. It hopes to spark dialogue and action to enhance the healthcare of military service members.
The full report can be accessed here:

Veterans Day Deals –

On November 11, 2016, participating chains and restaurants nationwide are offering discounts, coupons, and freebies to veterans and active duty members, including places like IHOP, Outback Steakhouse, and Great Clips. Many of these places may either require proof of I.D. or a uniform for the advertised deals. It is recommended to check with the business before you visit to make sure it is a participating location.
For a list of chains and restaurants, please visit: