Final Notice: Tricare Pharmacy Switch is Dec. 1, 2016 –

On Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2016 at 12:01 am, CVS pharmacy, including CVS pharmacies in Target stores, will no longer be in the Tricare pharmacy network and will be replaced by Walgreens. According to the Tricare announcement, the change and addition of Walgreens into the network means that 98 percent of those with Tricare will have a pharmacy within 5 miles of their home. If beneficiaries choose to have their prescriptions filled at a CVS on or after Dec. 1, they will have to pay full cost upfront and file for partial reimbursement. Express Scripts, Inc. and Tricare have been working to notify all beneficiaries since Sept. 30, 2016.

Veterans Affairs Home Loans Have Tripled Since Mortgage Crisis –

According to a recent report from the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), the number of home loans through the Department of Veterans Affairs has tripled since the 2007-2009 mortgage crisis. Researchers say their findings show how important the program is, which often gets less attention compared to health care and education for veterans. The report found that almost 9 percent of all home mortgages in America from 2014 were backed by the VA. Keith Wiley, a co-author of the report and research associate at the HAC, stated, “this is a stable, accessible form of credit that has helped a lot of families.”
Source: Military Times, Housing Assistance Council

Hundreds Attend Funeral for Homeless Veteran –

Stephen Carl Reiman was a homeless veteran who traveled to Sheridan, Wyoming on Nov. 8th. He only carried a backpack that held a few items, including Bruce Springsteen CDs, and various documents for identification. He fell ill a few days later and was transported to Wyoming Medical Center. Reiman passed away there with nurses by his side. The Natrona County Coroner, Connie Jacobson, initially had a difficult time tracking down family members. She then decided to make a call to the community to attend his funeral. “One of the reasons I did this was to raise community awareness that we have homeless vets in our own communities […] They deserve the same recognition and honor that any other vet would get.”
Reiman’s sister Diana was found, who had lost contact with him for two years. His daughter-in-law and granddaughter could not afford to travel.
During the service, Pastor Rob Peterson was proud to see the turnout of people there to honor Reiman. “He was a man who lived a solitary life for many, many years, but at his final goodbye there is a room full of community.” Reiman served with honor in the Navy from 1971 to 1975.
Source: Military Times

U.S. Military Prepares for Prospect of “Space War” –

Multiple satellites have been launched into Earth’s orbit for decades, but concern is brewing considering the fact that these devices are not equipped with any type of defense. The military has since been preparing weapons and defense for potential threats and cyber attacks. If certain satellites were knocked out, the results could be devastating. Various situations this could affect include: airline pilots losing contact with the ground, traffic lights and railroad switches freezing, missiles would become immobile. Lt. Gen. David Buck, Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, said, “Can you imagine building a refueler aircraft, or a jet for that matter, with no inherent defensive capabilities? So our satellites are at risk, and our ground infrastructure is at risk. And we’re working hard to make sure that we can protect and defend them.”
Source: CNN