Combat Tourniquet Gets Upgraded –

The Generation 7 Combat Application Tourniquet will soon be released according to the Army Medical Materiel Agency. The previous generation will still be utilized, but soldiers are advised to become familiar with both. “When you need to actually use a tourniquet is the wrong time to figure out which version you have and how to use it,” stated AMMA nurse consultant Jason Harrington. The Gen. 7 will have its lot number and “G7” visible as well as a gray fastener strap, as opposed to the previous generation’s white strap. Harrington urges that the Gen. 6 is just as effective and can still be used. Since the Combat Application Tourniquet was first introduced in 2005, it is estimated that the mortality rate due to severe blood loss has been decreased by 85 percent.
Source: Army Times

Legendary WWII Pilot, Robert Hoover, Dies at 94 –

According to a close family friend, Robert “Bob” A. Hoover, aviation legend, passed away on Tuesday, October 26th. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut, gave his condolences via Twitter, “We lost an aviation pioneer today.” Bob was a World War II fighter pilot that was highly regarded for his remarkable flying skills, testing of aircraft and demonstrations in airshows. Hoover began flying in 1937 and flew over 50 missions before being shot down. He survived the crash, spent months as a POW, then escaped by stealing a German fighter plane and flying to safety. Hoover has received numerous honors, including one from the National Air and Space Museum who gave its highest honor to Hoover in 2007. The museum also noted that Jimmy Doolittle, who lead the 1942 bomber raid on Japan, described Hoover as, “the greatest stick-and-rudder man that ever lived.”
Source: Military Times

Pentagon Stopping Repayment of National Guard Bonuses –

Following the efforts to recollect up to 10,000 fraudulent enlistment bonuses that were awarded to California National Guard reservists during the Iraq war, the Pentagon is now stopping the attempts to recollect. Defense Secretary Ash Carter issued an order following mass criticism of the military and this situation. The military was asking the reservists to repay $15,000 that was improperly awarded to them a decade ago.
Source: Military Times