United Nations Declare Emergency for Africa’s Food Crisis –

The highest level of emergency has been declared for southern Africa by the U.N. The organization is appealing for $204 million immediately to purchase and transport food to help millions of hungry people. The region has been devastated by a drought caused by the El Niño, which has severely affected crops. According to the World Food Program Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin, 18 million people over seven countries are in “need of emergency food assistance.”
Source: Time

New Law for VA Narcotics Prescribing Practices to be Signed by President –

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which authorizes $181 million for funding the fight in the opiate epidemic, passed the Senate and is anticipated to be approved by President Obama. The new law will ensure that Veterans Affairs prescribers are up to date on the latest practices, all medical facilities will have overdose countermeasures stocked, and veterans with non-cancer-related pain to have pain management teams to monitor prescriptions.
Source: Military Times

Retired Warship Takes 12 hours to Sink in SINKEX Exercise

Every two years, the Navy participates in the multinational Rim of the Pacific Exercise, also known as SINKEX. SINKEX involves removing all weapons, fuel, and ammuniation from a retired warship and using it as target practice. The most recent ship, the USS Thach, was hit from the air, sea, and underwater with 5,000 pounds of explosives. The stubborn frigate took 12 hours to finally sink on July 14th with the help of U.S., Korean, Australian, and Canadian forces.
Source: Daily Mail

Military Base Issues Pokemon Go Warning –

Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, WA has issued a safety warning for Pokemon Go users on base. The notice advises users to not chase Pokemon into restricted areas, homes, or offices on base and to proceed with caution when crossing streets or walking through parking lots. Public safety warnings have been released all over the world since the launch of the sensational mobile game. Many incidents including car accidents, robberies, trespassing, and even a fall off of a 50 foot cliff have occurred with the use of Pokemon Go.
Source: Fox News